Meal Kit Supply embedded with Team Rubicon in Moore, OK.
Meal Kit Supply has been supplying Team Rubicon with MREs, Meals Ready to Eat, for over a year.


Team Rubicon is a both a disaster relief organization and a veteran-based enterprise, powered by men and women on a mission to help. Emerging in 2010, these medical professionals and military veterans work tirelessly as an emergency response team at home and abroad — from New York to Haiti.

Team Rubicon is a not-for-profit and recruits skilled volunteers, many of whom are veterans. Team members with military backgrounds are valued for their strength in disaster response: instability, horrific sights, and limited resources are — let’s face it — familiar to anyone who has been deployed in a hostile environment overseas. Vets are mostly under-utilized despite the wide skill set they bring to the table: they have the ability to learn and react quickly, problem-solve, lead, and, most importantly, recognize the importance of teamwork. Team Rubicon re-purposes these strengths with disaster relief.

Team Rubicon’s main mission is to “bridge the gap:” provide disaster relief after the disaster has occurred and before conventional aid organizations have responded, mainly to “victims on the fringe.” Often these victims endure the hidden financial costs disasters inflict on their emotional/physical health, home livability, and ability to work: Team Rubicon mitigates these costs with manpower and a listening ear. By providing these services, Team Rubicon has helped rebuild thousands of lives.

To help fuel their missions, Meal Kit Supply supports Team Rubicon both financially and with MREs, Meals Ready to Eat. We began donating during their instrumental efforts in New York post-Hurricane Sandy (Operation: Greased Lightening) and were inspired to embed with them during their tornado relief operations in Moore, OK (Operation: Starting Gun) and flood relief operations in Lyons, CO (Operation: What the Flood). Most recently, we embedded with Team Rubicon during their tornado relief mission in Washington, IL (Operation: Honest Abe). Embedding with Team Rubicon showed us how reciprocal the love is: Team Rubicon team members get back as much as they give to victims. We will certainly be there the next time duty calls.

We urge everyone to visit and donate to their brave cause — you might even want to volunteer!

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