Military-style meals are scarce, because last month was just awful

Blame Irma. Or Maria. Or... By Rob Verger September 26, 2017 A 6-pack from Meal Kit Supply costs $45, but won't ship until November, according to the company's website. Meal Kit Supply First Harvey flooded Houston, then Irma slammed Florida. Mother Nature’s one-two punch catalyzed a run on MREs, which is military speak for “Meal, Ready-to-Eat"; [...]

You Should Be Worrying About This Invisible Natural Disaster

By Meal Kit Supply on December 21, 2015 Solar storm? I can hear your skepticism from here, but these sun burps are no joke. Extreme space weather poses a major threat to modern society. We narrowly dodged a particularly strong solar storm a couple years ago and-had it hit Earth-we would have spent a [...]

Surprise: The U.S. Military Invented Your Favorite Snacks

By Meal Kit Supply on August 21, 2015 Next time you're licking the Cheeto dust off your fingers, consider that the bright orange cornmeal snacks originated from MREs, or Meals, Ready to Eat. That's right. MREs get a bad wrap, but the sturdy rations are responsible for the existence of some well-known American [...]

4 Reasons to Be Suspicious of an MRE Seller

By Meal Kit Supply on May 5, 2015 Despite being the most technologically advanced and physically resilient food in North America, MREs, or Meals, Ready to Eat, have proven to be defenseless against theft. Army surplus stores, Amazon, eBay-do you question how MREs are obtained? Probably not. Many MREs are being sold without [...]

3 Surprising Uses of MREs

When you see MREs (Meals, Ready to Eat), you probably think of the military or emergency preparedness. Sure, these are the most common uses for the shelf stable food rations, but many civilians are putting them to new and surprising uses. It makes sense that MREs have a broader application than emergencies: They're ruggedized [...]

How Much Damage Will a Big Solar Storm Actually Cause?

By Meal Kit Supply on Mar 17, 2015 "Solar storm" sounds like a contradiction in terms, but they pose a pretty big threat to us thanks to our increased reliance on sensitive electronic devices. Though they don't physically hurl anything at Earth, the UN recognizes solar storms as concerns "on par with orbital [...]