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/X Emergency Preparedness

Prepping 101 – How to Food Prep: 30 days Worth of Food

By Authorized Boots by Authorized Boots, July 2017 The world and our country are going through some pretty rough times these days. We have imminent threat of terrorist attacks, with more threats being made against Western nations almost daily. We have a president in the United States who is not known for his [...]

5 Emergency Apps You’ll Wish You Had

By Meal Kit Supply on Oct 17, 2014 When a disaster or emergency hits, cell service can be unreliable. Emergency mobile apps will often not need wifi or perfect cell service to connect, and many of them store information you could access while in airplane mode. These qualities make survival phone apps an essential [...]

Due to Hurricanes Irma and Harvey we are out of stock but are currently taking backorders for shipments with an expected delivery date in November.