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MRE Meals Ready to Eat are an essential component of your family’s 72 hour kit, emergency food supply kit, and/or long-term food storage. When disaster strikes, MREs are the survival food kit you’ll want in your bug out bag – MREs mean a hot meal anytime, anywhere, no boiling water required! Meal Kit Supply MREs, Meals Ready to Eat, are not your grandpa’s combat rations — each case has 10 different menus (12 total menus), a 5 year shelf life, over 1,200 calories per meal, and great taste.

Meal Kit Supply MREs are the freshest military MREs for sale commercially, with 100% military MRE components - as close as is commercially available to real military MRE Meals Ready to Eat! Our MREs provide one of the highest calorie counts commercially available for MRE Meals Ready to Eat — this means you get more food energy for cheaper. We offer the highest quality MREs for sale in North America.

Order Military MREs, Meals Ready to Eat, for your survival food kit today!
Meal Kit Supply provides premium, fresh, US Military MREs for sale.

Featured MRE Products

Featured case of 12 premium MREs, Meals Ready to Eat.Featured 6 pack of 2-course MREs, Meals Ready to Eat!Featured Pallet of 48 cases of 3-course MREs, Meals Ready to Eat!

Meal Kit Supply provides premium, fresh, US Military MREs for sale.

What are Meals Ready to Eat (MREs)?


Meal Kit Supply provides premium, fresh, US Military MREs for sale.

Why do I need MRE Meals Ready-to-Eat?

Meal Kit Supply MREs fuelled Team Rubicon's tornado relief operations in Washington, IL.Meal Kit Supply MREs are primarily used for emergency preparedness, police and fire, and outdoors. More and more families are incorporating MREs into their emergency food supply kit,  72 hour kit (or survival food kit), long-term food storage. How prepared is your family? Lucky for you, we’ve got Meal Kit Supply military MREs for sale right here.

Our involvement with disaster relief has grown drastically over the past year.  While we are a small company, we’ve been able to donate over $20,000 of MREs to the veteran-based disaster relief organization Team Rubicon and several thousand dollars worth of MREs to Reach Out World Wide.  We first got involved in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, and have since participated in relief operations in Moore, OK; Lyons, CO; and Washington, IL. Meal Kit Supply MREs are perfect for the harsh and unpredictable conditions that commonly follow major disasters. Click to read more about Meal Kit Supply’s involvement with Team Rubicon.

MREs are the gold standard for FEMA and other first responders. Buy your emergency food supply from Meal Kit Supply. MREs are durable enough for harsh outdoor conditions.

Meal Kit Supply provides premium, fresh, US Military MREs for sale.

What others are saying about Meal Kit Supply MREs

“5.0 out of 5 stars Great Product to Prepare for Hurricane Season. Great product. The meal kit contains 12 complete Ready-to-Eat meals which include entree, side dish, bread, drink mixes, instant coffee, condiments, napkin and spoon and dessert! A flameless ration heater is also included with each MRE to warm the food. This kit is the perfect item to have on hand for the upcoming South Florida hurricane season. The best part? The food actually tastes good! This meal kit may be slightly more expensive than others out there, but the quality of the food along with the great taste makes it well worth the few extra dollars you might spend, and with a 5 year shelf-life, this kit is actually a pretty great bargain. My shipment arrived quickly and the box tucks away neatly in my pantry to have ready in case of emergency. I would recommend this product to anyone as a good insurance policy to have on hand. 5 Stars, all the way.”

Lisa H.

Meal Kit Supply provides premium, fresh, US Military MREs for sale.

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